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This display of Maceo Rogers’ work represents a combination of acrylic, watercolor and dirt media that have been a major focus of his since childhood. As he continues his pursuit to create meaningful and intriguing works, there is a never-ending interest to incorporate a vast array of mixed media.

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About Me

Maceo Rogers was born in the small town of Edison, Georgia and grew up in the rural community of Cuthbert, GA. As a little boy growing up in the sixties, Maceo picked cotton until he began school. It wasn’t long before Maceo became interested in drawing and painting. Human stick figures and simple objects were sources of his initial inspiration. By the time of his first art class (fifth grade) he was fully engaged with creating works of art that further inspired him.

Maceo began painting imagery of his environment, old aged barns and rusted shacks within the rural setting. The first painting he sold netted $20.00, which triggered excitement and joy in that someone would pay money for his work. It wasn’t until he began attending arts and crafts shows around Southwest Georgia that his exposure to styles and artist techniques broaden his creative horizon. It was during his high school years when he attended the Governor’s Honor Program in North Georgia that he got even more exposure to a lot of different mediums that would provide for greater experiments. After high school, Maceo attended the Atlanta College of Art, now (Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)) where he earned a BFA Degree in Visual Communications.


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